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The Desire

Our business adventure began just a few months after we got married. We’ve always had the desire to be entrepreneurs, and after realizing the cost that couples put into their big day, we decided that opening up a wedding venue would be profitable, but also really rewarding. We immediately started financially preparing for this investment. We moved into a tiny home where we lived for two years paying off my (Kendra’s) college debt. 


Finding the Land

Finding the perfect property didn’t happen by accident, but it also wasn’t something that we spent a lot of time thinking about. We had spoken to our realtor and told her that if she found the perfect property, then we would potentially considering purchasing it. She knew what we were looking for and was prepared to show us houses. We actually looked at several pieces of property, but this house, this property had so much potential, and we knew it the minute we drove by. This property was on the market for three days. We put an offer in on the same day we looked at it. I remember driving by it initially. It was pouring rain, but we just had to get a glimpse of this potential house. We both were so giddy and knew that it was the one even before we fully toured the place. 


Finding this property was a God thing for sure. Adam and I are very prayerful about what steps to take, and we always want to make sure we are doing what the Lord has called us to. Well call me crazy... but the Lord pursues me with the rain. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking... “Is this chick nuts?” No, no, I’m not. What I mean by this is that he lets me know he’s there and gives me peace in the rain. So I fully believe that the rain on the day we drove by was The Lord saying, “This is it; this is the place I have prepared for you.” Funny thing is it actually rained the day we moved in as well… Crazy how God works and what he is capable of showing you if you just listen, watch, and wait…

The Lord had this place in mind for us before we even knew it. He has big plans for us and this venue, and we can’t wait to share our land and home with each of you!


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